MAGS-101 Gents Leather Vest,Biker,Rocker,Chopper

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Gents Leather Vest from 100% genuine Cowhide with yellow leather bands. Ideal for Club logos and patches.

Black leather vest for gents from 100% genuine cowhide. It has yellow leather bands (handicraft), 3 buckles, 2 outer pockets and 1 inner pocket. The lining material is polyester. In addition the vest has leather bands on both sides for width extension so you can wear the vest over a pullover or jacket.

The vest is ideal for club logos and /or patches as the back side is made from 1 leather piece without joint. The inner pocket has been placed a little lower so that patches/logos can be sewed on the front without over sewing the pocket.

Please take note of the size table in the picture gallery.




                     Size:                              Waist:                      Back length:

                         S                               112-120cm                               56cm

                         M                              115-123cm                               59cm

                          L                              118-126cm                               59cm

                        XL                              122-130cm                               63cm

                      2XL                              127-134cm                               65cm

                      3XL                              132-140cm                               66cm

                      4XL                              136-144cm                               67cm

                      5XL                              145-153cm                               69cm

                      6XL                              151-158cm                               71cm

                      7XL                              159-168cm                               74cm

Additional product information

Tips for Care
In order to enjoy your leather garment for years we would like to give you following tips for care: - always keep your leather garment on a hanger to keep it in shape, avoid plastic covers. - dark coloured leather garments can leave stains specially when the leather gets wet. Take caution when you wear dark leather along with light coloured garments or while sitting on light coloured sofas. - dust and dirt can easily be removed with a soft, dry sponge or cloth. Leather is a natural product. Small scratches, scares and uneven surface are a proof for genuine leather and are no reason for complaint.